What I Didn't See About Myself in My Car

Project A: Summary of Project A: Decoding & Encoding the Map 

Since the first review of my map I learned to ascribe significance and meaning to the object I packed in my car. Considering this was a major move, leaving more than 80% of my things behind, that which was shipped (not discussed) and that which as packed in my car, has significance.,


I revised my initial map significantly, as this was the packing map, 2-3 days before the final pack. I sold some times, which gave room for more items. I then labeled items by color and category, and created boxes by approximate location.


The iconography of the items is non descriptive in itself. There is no significance to the color. The base image of the car is from plan drawing of the vehicle. And the shapes and color in no way represent the contents,.

The intrinsic meaning are in the names of the times and the relative placement in the vehicle. Items which would not be used anytime during the trip were on the bottom and in difficult to access positions (books, paper, computers). Items of delicate nature (electronics, cameras, guitars) were placed on top. Items by passenger side door were for easy access, as were item directly behind the drivers seat and items at the very back door,

There were items of convenience. A place for my drinks and snaps. For my phone and tablet.

What I am not able to put on this map, are the many small items which were packed into any available space. Shoes in a bag, wedged over the tool box. A pillow behind the drivers seat which was less bulky and allowed me to lower the seat for getting in-and-out, and for naps along the way.

Paramount in my packing, or over-packing, was my concern with visibility, Both out the side windows, side rear-view mirrors and middle rear-view mirror, To ensure I could see a vehicle or motor cycle directly behind me, I placed an empty large packing tube with both ends removed. The would allow for thing to fall over and under while not cutting out my view of the direct rear,. I have been using two additional small convex mirrors, glued to both doors, inside of the location of the external mirrors, The passenger side exterior rear-view mirror had an additional convex mirror attached for helping me see the blind-spot created by the blocking of my rear passenger side windows, My map included the main rear viewing area, which would help me detect other vehicles, as well as avoid a ticket for a dangerously packed car.

Learning to Use the Terminology

Learning to use the terms discussed in Visual Culture and the other PDF readings is awkward for me to adjust to. Especially regarding my own works. The benefit of those terms is the ability to communicate with other, whether we agree or disagree, And only by practice can I become comfortable using them,


Revised map of my car, with modifications to reflect what was significant for the final pack,

Next Steps

Making a plan for this pack was not part of my nature, it was essential for me to know what to ship, know what to pack, and know what to sell, give away, or discard. There is a hidden pain not seen in the map which does not contain the things I liked which were left behind,

Apartment Map

Currently I require a new map. Not for my love of making them, but for me to organize my apartment and be able to find the items I brought and shipped.

Instead of the conventional labels of clothes, books, kitchen, I should use theory, myth, iconic, linguistics, tectonic, temporal and presentational.