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Review of three blog postings. April 18, 2019

1/3 Nan Design Studio Blog

Using Social Semiotic Method to analyze “FallingStars” on Instagram

Based on Jewitt and Oyama introduction, Nan used Metafucntions to analyze images in Mandarin language referred to as ‘falling stars,’ a translation into English used to describe a staged photo of a person facing down pretending falling off with luxury goods scattered around the person.

Nan used the aspects of ideation, interpersonal and textural to describe an image of a woman fallen out of a sports convertible, belly down on the pavement, with luxury goods scattered.

2/3: Joel Hughes: 62 Moons Blog

Joel posted his video “Where I Want to Be / Where I am” a video collage of a NASA image of the milky-way against a background of a web-browser “surfing.”

Other than the title, there is little textural information directly regarding the intention of this blog-posting. The title is powerful and speaks for much of the slow-moving image of the stars and object in space, superimposed over the hectically changing web surfing for information, also of interest to the creator.

3/3: Jill Sanders: Barthian Myth Lush

Jill posted a video of the environmentally supportive activities of Lush Cosmetics

First is an image of a Sumatran orangutang mother and child. Second is an image of agroforestry in Guatamala Third is an image of Moroccan women, with text in support of International Women’s Day. Fourth is an image of a man holding a poster regarding executions in California. Fifth is an image and text regarding trans-rights in the US Military.

These international concerns are then followed by an image of a Lush Cosmetics product with text suppuration the reason why this product is environmentally friendly.

This is then followed by two plastic bottles of water provided for life support of immigrants crossing the desert. This image is again followed by Lush projects and reasons why these are good to be purchased. This is followed by the last image of animal-free testing of cosmetics.

The sequencing of these images, products placed among critical international concerns, lifts the status of Lush Cosmetics by an association which could only be partially credited to Lush. The association is giving the company a status which they may not have fully earned on the backs of environmental and social issues which may appeal to a customer base.