My Time to Start Writing

I have been telling stories for years about my work in television commercial post-production and feature film visual effects. These adventures began in 1986 when at the age of 28 I started at Post Production Services in Cincinnati Ohio. I went on to spend 15 years in Asia over two different periods, and various locations around the US and Canada.

Teaching has been important for me. On the job helping my colleagues, and at schools, universities and online. The desire to teach was a driving force to improve and organize my design, technical and work skills.

People are important, and I’ve met many. And fortunate to have retained deep friendships with some. It’s the people I’ve worked with or met along the way which has made life meaningful.

There have been a few knuckleheads I’ve encountered. They seem to make for great stories, while the experience may have been painful.

Being adventurous became a bad habit acquired. Like unsuccessful scraping dog poop off my shoe, I retain the scent of exploits I should have never attempted.

I’ve told my stories for years and claimed I was going to write them down. Now is that time.