With over thirty years of visual effect experience in feature films and broadcast advertising, Garman is still doing animation.
But now on a smaller scale.


Rocking-C Animal Chiropractor

Garman had created the logo design and the VFX animation for Rockin-C Animal Chiropractic in Columbus Nebraska.

2018 reel.png

Garman's 2018 Demo Reel.

After years of working on huge productions involving hundreds of people, Garman has returned to working on small projects which he designs and animates himself.

Updated 2018.01.28


Garman's Feature Film and Broadcast Reel

Working at Digital Domain, Sony Pictures Imageworks and other studios, Garman's work includes "O Brother Where Art Thou," "CastAway," "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," "X-Men (2000)."